About the Donor Care Network

Garet Hil, Founder and Director

Message from the Founders

After each of us donated our kidneys, we were grateful for the opportunity to give the gift of life, but we realized that the kidney donation process in the United States can be improved to make it easier and safer for future donors.

We came up with the idea of creating a network comprised of only the BEST donor centers. We then put together a list of guiding principles and identified the commitments that centers would need to make to join our network.

Finally, we identified innovative programs that we could deploy in partnership with our Centers of Excellence to make the donation process easier and safer than ever before.

We hope that, if you are considering giving the gift of life, you use our website as a resource. If you have ever Googled “kidney transplant” you have seen how much information is out there. It can be overwhelming and, sometimes, misleading.

The fact is, the living donor transplant industry is a billion dollar industry, and there are many competing interests. We will give you the FACTS…with no spin.

The way we see it, the entire living donor transplant industry is built on the generosity of donors, so we want to ensure all donors are provided with excellent care and service.

Our goal is to put living donors first, because without the donor, there is no transplant.